I don’t care how much he wants my business, he can’t have it.
My dad left me this company, and Nathan Silverstone can have it when he pries it from my cold, dead hand.
Never mind his flirtatious green eyes and the way his ridiculously expensive suits fit his hard body like a glove. I pay no attention to the way those eyes scrutinize my every curve and edge when he stares at me with that sexy, infuriating grin from across the table during our meetings.
I don’t care how charming he tries to be, I’m stubborn and he’s going to find out the hard way that I’m neither passive nor submissive, but I most certainly can be aggressive.

She was a one-time fling who occupied my evening and left me with amazing memories.
Until she walks into my billion-dollar brewing company as one of our suppliers.
Don’t mix business with pleasure my brother likes to remind me. Well, screw him. I’ll take all the pleasure Sierra Ford wants to give me.
Opposites attract, they say. Wild red hair and cowboy boots must be my jam because it’s definitely working for me.
Until my brother and cousin try to take Sierra’s company from her behind my back, and now I’m her enemy.




I do what I have to in order to provide for my son and me. If being paid to be the arm candy of wealthy men helps keep a roof over our heads, I refuse to feel any sort of way about it.
Roman Silverstone is admittedly one of my favorite clients. His gorgeous smile and sexy beard had me instantly attracted to him, even though we aren’t supposed to do anything physical with the clients. But, he takes me to the most amazing dinners and has even introduced me to his family. I always look forward to our dates when he’s on my schedule.
Except now he wants to see me outside of my job. It’s strictly forbidden, and I have bills to pay. The problem is, my son is becoming attached and I’ve got no one to blame but myself for this predicament I’ve put myself in.


Being one of the CEOs of Colorado’s largest brewing company is hard work, but marketing is my specialty, and I’m killing it. I’m responsible for all new clientele and I love my job, even if my cousins do give me crap for not wanting to wear a tie.
But my job requires me to attend a lot of social events. I don’t have time for romantic entanglements or expectations from women who always seem to want more, so I’ve found it easier just to hire a date for these things.
Kiara is my favorite of all the girls in Bella Manor. She’s breathtakingly beautiful, sexy, well-spoken, and looks great on my arm.
I’ve found myself wanting more from her, and her cute kid is growing on me, but she says she’s risking too much by seeing me outside of work.
Well, she’s going to be quitting that job if I have anything to say about it, because Kiara is mine.




I love my job working for Silver Breweries. Managing the largest location in the Denver area, I have a lot of responsibility that keeps me busy. My favorite part of the job is when the CEOs come in. Well, one in particular who never fails to catch the eye of this Southern girl.
We’re complete opposites, but I can’t take my gaze off Lincoln Silverstone. Those crystal-blue eyes and broad shoulders. The way his suit fits him like a glove.
He’s like a cool drink of water on a hot Alabama summer day.
But Linc is all about business. I doubt he notices me when he comes in, only throwing me the occasional glance, that I’m sure is strictly professional. Seems I’ll have to try harder to get him to see me as more than just an employee.
So, when he offers me a position where I’ll be working more closely with him, I jump at the chance.


I’m always on the lookout for the next business opportunity. Which company I can take over, and what I can do to appease my corporation’s bottom line. With the other CEOs busy in their new domestic roles, more responsibility is falling on me lately.
I believe Quinn Walker is the best person for a new job we’re creating. She runs our Silver Park location like it’s her own pub. The problem is that Quinn is extremely attractive and I find myself drawn to her the second I walk into the brewery, wanting to be in her sweet Southern presence. She makes my otherwise serious persona relax with her inane euphemisms, and I can tell she’s flirting with me.
I’ve told my colleagues not to mix business with pleasure, so I’ll just have to maintain my professionalism if she decides to take my job offer, because we’ll be working very close together if she does. But, keeping it strictly business won’t be easy.

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