If my life could stop taking terrible turns, that would be great. After dealing with one tragedy and then another, I lose my job on top of it all.
My big brother’s best friend, Carter Lockwood, offers me a job at his tech firm. I’m more than qualified, but there’s one problem: I haven’t seen Carter in years since he took something from me and then ghosted me.
Does he think we can just go back to being friends like when we were kids?
And now he wants to be my boss?
The fiery attraction I have for him is going to be the reason this working relationship won’t last.
Until he shows me a world I didn’t know existed and it makes me question everything.


My company creates apps of all kinds. Cheap ones to very expensive ones available only to the elite who can afford them. Apps that tell them where the most secretive of clubs are. And it’s made me a very wealthy man.
But my company is growing so fast and I’m in need of help.
When my childhood best friend gets locked up, I feel a responsibility to look after his younger sister, but then things go sideways and I end up failing at that most simple task.
Years later, when our paths cross, I’m stunned to see that Taryn Andrews has grown into a gorgeous young woman, and when I hear that she’s looking for a job, I jump at the chance to hire her. She’s not just beautiful, she’s very smart and a quick learner.
However, I have no intention of showing her the other side of my life, until she finds out anyway.
And I’m not sure she’ll be the same after.

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